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If you are a busy mum and either thinking of starting your own business or already trading then this is the group for you. Our welcoming and child-friendly meet-ups allow you to bring your child(ren) with you so you can still promote your business, gain support from other likeminded mums and not have to worry about finding childcare.

If you are a busy woman either thinking of starting your own business or already trading then this is the group for you. Our welcoming and supportive groups really help you build your confidence, allowing you to gain the support you may need to grow your business further. Run during the morning so convenient to attend after the school run too.

If you are a busy man or woman thinking of starting your own business or already trading then this is the group for you. Our welcoming group will help you get your business out there and equip you with additional business support to help your business grow. Run in the evenings this is perfect if day times are busy for you.

About Us

Running a business has always been tough regardless of the size. The challenges are not reduced by the number of employees or turnover, in fact, many leading entrepreneurs maintain that the most difficult times in their careers were when they first started and in the early stages of growth. Running a small or home based business can be very challenging and being the captain of your own ship comes with a unique set of pressures. It’s certainly easy to feel alone with no one to turn to for support. Biz’ee Networking Group offers valuable support, advice and friendship to all men and women in business.

The Biz’ee network is the brain child of founder and entrepreneur business woman Sharon Hawkins of Bee Spotted who established the group in January 2012. Sharon recalls, “As a business owner myself I experienced first-hand the difficulties involved in juggling a business with family life. Sharing problems and successes with other entrepreneurs can help give you the confidence to take your business to the next level. Our groups are made up of people from various backgrounds, from qualified seasoned professionals to first time business owners; the comradery in the group is just fantastic and so supportive. It makes being in business fun.”

The group currently meets in 14 locations each month across South Essex and North Kent. The Biz’ee Networking Group is the main company with Biz’ee Women, Biz’ee Mums and Biz’ee Network being the subsidary groups. No matter which group attended, all share business ideas and strategies, and really gain support for one another. “It feels very much like we are all on the same team helping each other achieve our individual goals.” says Sharon. Biz’ee Networking Group are not only passionate about their businesses, they are also community-minded and actively support various local charities at their Big Networking Events.

Why do business owners attend/join Biz’ee networking groups?

• Meet-ups held once every month at each location
• No pressure to give referrals – we prefer QUALITY rather than QUANTITY
• Low cost membership with meet-up fees included
• No requirement to provide a substitute if unable to attend a meet-up
• No pressure, relaxed but structured meet-ups
• Business promoted on the website(s), which is highly ranked on Google
• Rewards for introducing new members
• Online and offline tools and training workshops to ensure a good return on investment
Plus more being introduced regularly

Our ultimate goal is to expand this successful, welcoming and empowering group nationwide.

Our Team

Sharon Hawkins

Sharon Hawkins


Coral Byford

Coral Byford


Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor


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If your town doesn’t have a great supportive business network then why don’t you give them one? Whether you are a new or established business the exposure of being the manager of a network group is priceless. Your details appear on all marketing material and it is your name that will be mentioned when people refer new guests to visit. The cost of gaining this level of exposure would normally be prohibitive, especially if you had to buy advertising space, but the network acts as your word-of-mouth sales force! Becoming a manager boosts your image as a trustworthy individual to do business with.

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